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Reputational harm

In today’s world, previously dismissed minor incidents can now be dramatically amplified through media activity. In particular the rise in social media has seen a paradigm shift in control over what is said about a company moving from censored public relations statements to anything that anyone who has access to the internet can think of.

When companies face such adverse media, the effect can be extremely damaging, with potential consumer boycotts, loss of margin and extra costs putting a huge strain on profitability.

Reputational harm insurance provides an indemnity for lost profit attributable to an adverse media event.

At Tokio Marine Kiln we work with our clients to design products that address issues such as:

  • Employee negligence
  • Celebrity endorser disgrace
  • Supplier disgrace
  • Cyber attacks and data breaches
  • Product quality issues
  • Counterfeit issues
  • Allegations
  • Public relations costs

Our maximum line size is USD25m.

Laila Khudairi
Divisional Head of Enterprise Risk London
All classes of enterprise risk business
Tel: +44 (0)20 7360 1415