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Existing coverholders

As an existing Tokio Marine Kiln coverholder you may have some questions regarding the regulation of your business and the audit process, or you may need access to some Lloyd’s wordings.

You will find all this information in the following sections, and further information is also available in our FAQ section.

Regulatory advice

Binding authority regulation is determined and conducted by the Corporation of Lloyd’s. You will find links to policies and guidelines affecting coverholders below:

Managing Agents Code of Practice

Service Company Code of Practice

Coverholder Toolkit


Lloyd’s Minimum Standards for Delegated Authority

Audit information

Our regulators demand that an effective and responsible audit programme is in place to audit Coverholders routinely and non-routinely to ensure compliance with all regulatory byelaws.

Audits of Coverholders led by Tokio Marine Kiln review the financial, regulatory, operational and competitive health of a Coverholder, in order to identify any problems. As well as serving as a free ‘health check’ for Coverholders, this review also protects Tokio Marine Kiln and its supporting markets from the adverse impact of any non-compliance.

The outcome of an audit is shared with other market participants who have a contractual interest in that Coverholder wherever possible to minimise disruption to Coverholders. All audit reports are held securely and confidentially by Tokio Marine Kiln.


Victoria Andrews
Group Head of Delegated Authority Services London
Tel: +44 (0)20 7280 8596