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To ensure that we can continue to trade as we do now across Europe after Brexit, we announced our decision (in September 2017) to set up a new European insurance company in Luxembourg to cater for our corporate business across Europe. For our syndicate business in the London market we are aiming to use the Lloyd's subsidiary currently being set up in Brussels.

Our overarching aim is to make the transition to the new post-Brexit world as smooth and as seamless as possible for our customers, coverholders and brokers. This means we are planning for your experience with us to be, in all practical ways, 'business as usual'.

With these new arrangements in place we are confident we will be able to continue servicing all our clients irrespective of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

This website gives you information about our plans for handling Brexit, copies of documents and communications that can help you explain our position to your customers and a Q&A section that we will update to keep pace with your questions and feedback. 

A significant part of our preparation for Brexit involves transferring some of our company business portfolio to the new insurance company we have set up with TMHCC in Luxembourg – Tokio Marine Europe S. A. (TME).  This is called a Part VII transfer and – below – you will find a link to a page containing all of the legal documents that relate to this process. You can also find two of the main Part VII documents on these links below:

If you have specific questions and feedback, please contact us through our dedicated email address:

Please revisit this website often as new information will be added as soon as we can make it publicly available.