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Management of change

Change brings with it increased risk. All organisations are constantly subject to change whether caused by a change in technology, the introduction of a new process, a modification to an existing facility, construction of a new facility, introduction of new equipment, or personnel changes. The increased risk from any change needs to be managed effectively.

TMK risk engineers recommend that a Management of Change (MOC) system is implemented.

The key features for an effective MOC system are:

  • Establish appropriate and consistent terminology
  • Keep the procedures simple and easy to understand
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Define the scope of the MOC system
  • Establish requirements for review and authorisation
  • Issue guidelines for key MOC issues
  • Develop a written description of the MOC system
  • The system should be integrated into and be part of the company’s normal operating procedures

For further detail please download our Management of Change Information Sheet.

Download information sheet