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Risk Engineering

We develop customised strategies that address individual exposures to potential for loss and provide cost effective, practical solutions based on international standards and loss lessons.

Quality loss prevention surveys where our in-house team of engineers will:

  • Identify potential hazards
  • Quantify the risk presented by these hazards through discussions with site personnel
  • Develop cost effective and practical risk improvements to eliminate hazard or reduce risk

Professional electronic loss prevention reports detailing risk improvements in a clear and concise manner with the use of photographs and CAD quality insurance plan diagrams where appropriate. Account engineering services (through a dedicated engineer) to help Corporate Risk Managers to:

  • Assess the portfolio of risks and allocate premium
  • Prioritise and allocate budgets for risk improvements based on potential loss expectancies, the estimated cost to complete the recommended actions and the likely frequency of the loss occurring

Internet-based access to risk engineering information to assist Corporate Risk Managers in the monitoring of risk improvement, including a risk quality rating system and graphical interface. Loss prevention training seminars to enhance the awareness of property loss prevention within an organisation and to provide global assistance to Corporate Risk Managers in achieving risk improvement.

Customer resources such as hot work permit kits, sprinkler system test cards, fire safety inspection checklists, hazard specific literature, etc.

Plan review service to ensure good loss prevention practice is incorporated into any large building, occupancy or fire protection changes at individual locations, including:

  • Provision of construction and sprinkler specifications
  • Checking of contractors' plans and sprinkler calculations
  • Onsite verification of installed sprinkler systems
  • Conducting field acceptance tests of sprinkler installations
  • Ad hoc advice to individual locations on loss prevention

Fire protection / detection impairment management service to ensure impairments to fire protection / detection systems are minimised in terms of duration and impact.

In the event of the unthinkable, loss investigation surveys to:

  • Identify how the fire started and how it spread
  • What factors limited or contributed to the fire spread
  • What changes can be made to prevent a similar fire occurring

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Peter Whalley
Head of Risk Engineer London
Risk Management
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