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Insuring the Olympics

by James Dumelow, Communications Specialist on

With an estimated cost of £12bn, 500,000 foreign visitors attending and 11,000 of the world’s leading athletes competing; the Olympics simply couldn’t happen without insurance.

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One TMK: Q&A

by James Dumelow, Communications Specialist on

We’ve just launched One TMK, a digital exchange for brokers to quote and bind policies with us. To explain more about what the platform is, what it does and what we plan for the future; we’ve conducted a Q&A with Tom Hoad, Head of Innovation. If you have any other queries about the platform, or if you are a broker who would be interested in signing up, then please contact

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Going green

by Tom Hoad, Head of Innovation on

Carbon credits allow businesses to get paid for using greener processes which they might otherwise not do. How can insurance fit in to this to encourage green behaviour by companies?

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The UK space industry prepares for lift off

by Eric Richard, Senior Space Underwriter on

Whilst writing an internal memo announcing that we had an impending insured space launch to the International Space Station (ISS) on 15 December 2015 with the Soyuz TMA-19M, I had mixed feelings, as is often the case with such manned missions.

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