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Reflections of a Chief Underwriting Officer

by Paul Culham, Group Chief Underwriting Officer on

A year since taking on the role as Group CUO of TMK, Paul Culham shares his thoughts on the state of the market, the role of the CUO and the need for flexibility.

A day in the life of a chief underwriting officer has changed unrecognisably in the 30 years that I’ve been in the insurance market, and notably even in the one year that I’ve held the role at TMK.

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Insuring the Olympics

by James Dumelow, Distribution Executive on

With an estimated cost of £12bn, 500,000 foreign visitors attending and 11,000 of the world’s leading athletes competing; the Olympics simply couldn’t happen without insurance.

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One TMK: Q&A

by James Dumelow, Distribution Executive on

We’ve just launched One TMK, a digital exchange for brokers to quote and bind policies with us. To explain more about what the platform is, what it does and what we plan for the future; we’ve conducted a Q&A with Tom Hoad, Head of Innovation. If you have any other queries about the platform, or if you are a broker who would be interested in signing up, then please contact

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